Wild Angle

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Site-01 Terminal

Database of the Overwatch Command



The Earth's Moon, container of SCP-5000.

Item #: SCP-5000 Level 3/5000
Object Class: Euclid Classified


Results of the first Moon’s mantle prospection via Thulman waves, circa 2009. Annotation by the Assistant Director of Research.

Special Containment Procedures: Under Protocol LOWER AEON BURIED, fabricated information about Moon’s interior is to be spread to astronomical agencies and the general public. A fake model of the internal structure of the Moon, which divides it into layers of non-anomalous igneous rocks, has been disseminated to hide the existence of SCP-5000. Moonquakes and other vibrations coming from within the Moon are to be explained as a side effect of Earth’s gravity in the layers of this cover model.

Lunar research programs involving sub-crust sounding and boring are to be infiltrated or discouraged. Given the impossibility of SCP-5000’s existence according to current scientific knowledge, public evidence of SCP-5000’s presence would pose a Malkut-Class Breach of Normalcy Scenario and must be suppressed. Should any relation between the dispersion of isotopes under the lunar crust and specific markings used by historical human groups was noted, a disinformation protocol is to be enacted.

As the main Foundation facility on Moon’s soil, Lunar Area-32 has been tasked with the research of SCP-5000. Due to the inaccessible location and unusual properties of the anomaly, sounding can only be performed via traveling waves in the Thulman Bosonic Field,1 for which purpose a Thulman Tower2 has been shipped to Lunar Area-32.
Given the difficulty of sounding SCP-5000, several reforms and protocols have been instituted in Lunar Area-32 to make the most efficient use of the Thulman Tower:

  • A special chamber for the Tower, designated Sub-Level 5, has been excavated under the main reaction chamber of the on-site nuclear reactor. Additional prospective and computational devices have been installed in the chamber.
  • To meet the considerable energy requirement to generate a Thulman wave, a prototype FAM-32 Power Core3 has been constructed next to the main nuclear reactor on Sub-Level 4. To trial long-term safety, the Power Core is permanently kept at 2.73% of its generating capacity, producing 3700 MWh.
  • Once the stored energy reaches 90 GW every 24 hours —scheduled at 11:30 AM of every weekday—, a Thulman wave will be sent downward to SCP-5000. The wave is expected to reach SCP-5000 at t = 9s, at which point it will slow down due to the high density of the Thulman field in the regions filled by SCP-5000.
  • There is a 0.086% chance that the Thulman wave will make the most efficient possible use of its energy and reach the core of SCP-5000, bringing back information of layers never registered before. Suppossing Lunar Area-32 generates one Thulman wave every 24 hours uninterruptedly, this is estimated to happen sometime at 2020. Waves are expected to return to Sub-Level 5 for analysis between 12:10 and 12:30 AM.
  • If seismic waves come up from the depths within 3 hours after the wave reaches SCP-5000, researchers must notify the Administrative Department liaison.
  • If seismic waves come up from the depths within 3 hours after the wave reaches SCP-5000, researchers must notify the Administrative Department liasion.
  • If seismic waves come up from the depths within 3 hours after the wave reaches SCP-5000, researchers must notify the Administrative Department liasion.

Diagram of SCP-5000 within the Moon. Notice the marks engraved on the surface.

Description: SCP-5000 is a spheroidal conglomerate of an unknown substance, measuring 1540 kilometers in radius, located inside the Moon. Current estimations indicate that, at its equator, SCP-5000 fills 89% of the lunar diameter, and over 70% of its total volume.

SCP-5000 shares some properties with regular matter, making it indistinguishable through non-anomalous methods of indirect study. Its mass, distributed unevenly across its body, has a similar density to lunar silicates, and behaves accordingly in terms of gravitational attraction. However in 2009, when the Foundation started deploying Thulman Tower prototypes to its Lunar facilities to analyze the composition of Moon’s interior, several oddities in the collected data led to the discovery of SCP-5000.

Thulman waves sent to SCP-5000 haven’t registered the presence of any particles with intrinsic angular momentum – SCP-5000 isn’t formed by electrons, protons, neutrons, any known hadron or elementary particle, any form of atomic or molecular structure, or any remanent of conventional substances that compose the rest of the solar system. The composition of SCP-5000 is unknown. Waves have registered that SCP-5000 has, in addition to regular physical properties, an unidentified statistic with a value of “±¾”, and a non-existent electric charge of “yes”4. No other substance in the universe has these properties, and what they are is unknown.

How SCP-5000 came to its current location is unknown. No substance similar to SCP-5000 has been found anywhere else. The presence of SCP-5000 contradicts all theories on celestial bodies formation and the geochronological history of Earth and the Moon.

The regions filled by SCP-5000 have an unusually large Thulman field density of 131,072 particles per mm35, which makes deeper sounding impossible due to waves losing energy at a rapid pace. The most energetic Thulman waves, generated with 17100 gigawatts after 6 months of uninterrupted functioning of the FAM-32 Power Core, only penetrated ~70 meters into SCP-5000 before returning to Lunar Area-32. It is unclear whether internal layers of SCP-5000 are different to its surface. SCP-5000 might be performing an unknown process in its interior (see seismographic information below), but it is impossible to ascertain.

Due to the unfeasibility of gathering data from SCP-5000’s interior, Thulman Towers have been used in different coordinates to analyze all points of its surface. It has been determined SCP-5000 has near-perfect sphericity and an unusual, all-pervasive evenness. Except for eight specific points.

SCP-5000 presents eight marks at the intermediate points between the equator and the poles —four in the upper hemisphere, four in the lower— placed in the diagonals between the four meridians in relation to Earth. They consist of furrows several kilometers deep, that intersect across an area of 600 x 600 km2 to create coherent pictures in various styles. The origin of these markings is impossible to determine. Incidentally, most of the icons played a role in specific historical cultures, religions, and organizations, although all of them seemed to be unaware of the existence of SCP-5000. Only the exact time and circumstances of adoption of one of the symbols can be tracked.

The use of these markings by groups on Earth has presented many challenges to Foundation archeologists, since it is unlikely that any of them were aware of the existence of SCP-5000. The SCP Triline, specifically, was created joining common graphic assets in 1902 – 107 years before the Foundation discovered the existence of SCP-5000. It is unclear whether SCP-5000 can exert influence in human populations. It is impossible to determine whether SCP-5000 has influenced the SCP Foundation.9

Site Director Cyrus Hourdoon, from Lunar Area-32,10 has proposed that SCP-5000 possesses Egregore-Class culture-induced metamorphic properties, and engraves new signs as humanity creates them. To trial his theory, in 2015 radioactive isotopes within the marking’s furrows were analyzed, determining the age at which rock settled there. Results indicate the markings been present in SCP-5000’s surface, unaltered, since at least several million years before any group adopted them.

It is unknown how SCP-5000 and its markings originated, and for how long they’ve been there.11

SCP-5000 is responsible for all seismic phenomena on the Moon. On occasion, vibrations originate within SCP-5000 and affect small points of the surface in a fashion similar to Earth’s quakes. These phenomena are known as “moonquakes” by the mainstream scientific community.12 The causes and process by which these vibrations originate are not understood due to complete lack of data on the depths of SCP-5000.13

Incidentally, SCP-5000 has shown a tendency to release a Moonquake to Lunar Area-32 on 0.6% of occasions after a Thulman wave strikes it (~2 per annum), generally 5-12 minutes after. The cause is thought to be an interference with whichever process generates moonquakes. Due to the low intensity of most Moonquakes (never exceeding 1.4-1.6 Mw), sending waves to pursue investigation is considered safe.

The exact implications of SCP-5000’s existence are unascertainable. There are currently no ways to investigate them.14

SCP-5000 may have been involved in, or may have influenced, the history of humanity and other prehuman civilizations.15 The nature of this connection, if it exists, is unknown. There are no historical registers on the matter that can be studied.16

SCP-5000 is at the time inaccessible. Direct study is impossible.17

Given the potential relevance of SCP-5000, pursuing its investigation and sending Thulman waves until one is able to prospect its interior is considered of utmost importance.18 As of October 2018, Lunar Area-32 has been sending one Thulman wave every day at 11:30 A.M. Generating energy for Thulman waves is a good scenario to trial FAM-32 Power Core’s capabilities, and they will be created until the cause of SCP-5000’s moonquakes is found.19

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