History Itself

Item #: SCP-4000

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4000 should remain contained within her current whereabouts (a fine sand beach marked as Location of Interest 551-13|34|4000, stricken from all charts and closed to naval access). While sustenance and sunscreen will be provided for SCP-4000 in quantities and at times adequate to meet the requirements of a non-anomalous human being, SCP-4000 does not have any physical needs.

The creation of SCP-4000-1 cases will be sanctioned by Command Site-4, O5-4, O5-7 or the acting Commander of Mobile Task Force Alpha-1 ("Red Right Hand"). SCP-4000-1 cases may only be handled by D-Class subjects while placed inside Black Box facilities to prevent or mitigate potentially contagious memetic, cognitive or info-hazardous breakouts.

SCP-4000-1 cases not contained by MTF Alpha-1 Cohesion Units dispatched to retrieve them will be handled as Safe items and stored in Standard Secure Lockers, as their dimensions require.

SCP-4000-INERT cases may be used as anxiolythic equipment. Clinical trials for expanded Foundation usage as D-Class equipment is being considered.

Description: SCP-4000 is an anomalous female humanoid inhabiting a small stone cabin by a secluded beach on the desert island of [REDACTED], Spain. The subject is intelligent and claims to be extremely ancient, but lacks any significant historical or personal background insight due to severe dementia. While it looks aged, it does not seem to age.

Subject can use any beach with fine sand to alter previously non-anomalous pieces of stone into instances of SCP-4000-1. SCP-4000 will "plant" these pieces of stone into the sand and talk to them, usually in soothing and patient tones and terms. The subject frequently dances and sings around them in no discernable language, with occasional complaints about joint pain and fatigue.

The stones will be polished in a manner consistent with natural erosive processes occurring on their beaches and their material strength until SCP-4000 defines them as "ripe"; once "ripened", the resulting shingle (which will usually acquire unexpectedly symbolic shapes) acquire cognito-hazardous properties and have thus been reclassified SCP-4000-1. Size, origin and material composition seem to play a role in "maturation" times and cognito-hazardous properties of instances of SCP-4000-1 (See Addendums below).

SCP-4000 has claimed to be sympathetic to the mission of the Foundation since it was initially contained (containment was passed down from a Spanish organisation dedicated to the exploitation of anomalies; the subject suffered from neglect and mistreatment during this time, and although she does not remember this abuse, she has responded positively to Foundation handlers). While interaction with SCP-4000-1 does induce emotional lability and a range of feelings on SCP-4000, she seems to be largely immune to their effects, and remains notably optimistic and balanced at all times.

Addendum: Log of stored cases of SCP-4000-1

Addendum: Incident 1-46, Interview SCP-4000


Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: In addition to adapting oversight and information control measures for standard cover-up procedures, one hundred and twenty-four servers from different Foundation Sites have been assigned to reviewing all new electronic content shared on known social networks that points to a case of SCP-XXX. If a new case with a high number of witnesses is detected, it will be covered, all witnesses administered B-Class amnestics (preferably, B-N6, B-N7 o B-δ0) and the implicated subjects administered C-Class amnestics (preferably, C91-9 in high enough doses).

The Ethics Committee, the Analysis Team for SCP-XXX and this very Assembly agree that SCP-XXX is not a threat to the survival of the human species beyond the public's reaction if its very existence (and the existence of anomalies or the very Foundation) became widespread knowledge. This Assembly has decided that SCP-XXX could be compatible with the consensus reality. If it was to surpass all information containment, SCP-XXX will be deemed uncontainable and subject to the most adequate Ennui Protocol to normalize it. - O5 Assembly, standing executive order.

Description: SCP-XXX is a phenomenon that has been observed throughout human history. Due to its highly subjective nature for the implicated subjects, SCP-XXX had been imperceptible or assumed a fictitious perception until ubiquitous and cheap video recording systems became readily available to communities with a high population density that made the anomaly frequently observed.

SCP-XXX can take place only when two sentient subjects with strong feelings of mutual, sincere appreciation, generally of romantic love, kiss each other for a sufficiently long amount of time.3 SCP-XXX consists on the manifestation of an immediate force opposed to earthly gravity on both individuals, producing an acceleration of between 9.8 and 10 m/s2 4,5 on both until the kiss is concluded. In other words, SCP-XXX allows two kissing lovers to "levitate", notably or discreetly.

Given the highly subjective perception of this experience and its relatively brief duration, most couples do no not perceive it or interpretate it incorrectly. It has been hypothesized that this could be a form of cognitoheuristic amnesia6 related to the anomaly itself, while it could also be a case of cognitive bias. 11.1% of the couples on record came to the conclusion that the event could have happened while 0.5% found it to have happened yet chose not to mention it further due to potential social pressure and other repercussions.7

A further 0.3% attempted to communicate the event, being subsequently contained by the Foundation; all other cases failed to perceive or reporting the case to each other until an outside observer mentioned them that SCP-XXX had occurred, being also detected and contained by the Foundation.

SCP-XXX has manifested eight thousand, five hundred and twenty four times as documented in Foundation Archives. Since SCP-XXX seems to involve people of all ethnic groups, genders, nationalities and ages, it continues to occur unpredictably all over the globe.

However, SCP-XXX does not seem to generate in all interpersonal relations that may induce it. In test samples selected from the general population, only 4.6% of all relations acknowledged to include romantic love8 by impartial observers9 develop SCP-XXX. Statistically, this anomaly happens three times on average during an individual human lifetime, not always with the same couple.10

The two implicated subjects are almost universally non-anomalous. Certain exceptional cases have been discovered where either one or both had been implicated in anomalous events and three documented cases where both were in one way or another independently anomalous.11

No characteristics that may be applicable to all couples or their components have been discovered. Multiple anomalous and mundane predictive procedures have been attempted, to no success. To date, there is no way to predict SCP-XXX happenings nor a complete register of all undetected cases; it has been estimated in the low millions per year by the statistics personnel of the Archive Sector of Area-08-B, world-wide.

Addendum SCP-XXX-1: Administrative Warning.

To: All concerned Foundation personnel.
From: SCP-XXX Analysis Team.
Date: 30/05/2018
Ref: SCP-XXX and psychological wellbeing of Foundation personnel.

SCP-XXX has occurred in eighty-five documented occasions between Foundation personnel members or in couples that implicated at least one Foundation personnel member.

This note became necessary because nearly seventy four percent all personnel cleared for SCP-XXX has made the mistake to think that SCP-XXX manifests in all cases of "true love", thus fearing it may have never happened to them and / or that their only chance to experience it may have passed.

This is not anomalous. It is a natural reaction. Quite a human one. No memetic anomaly in SCP-XXX, just what you bring with you.

I did not want to use that term on an official document yet, as I said, I feel it became necessary. True love is a social and familial ideal, a construct that may not have to be related to reality at all. All humanity seems able to tap into this anomaly, even involuntarily, and taking it lightly by concerning ourselves with personal feelings is a waste of time. I will appreciate that this topic be closed, with no further consultations about it directed to my ward, or to my colleagues in other Site's wards.

Incidentally, I remind you that C91-9 seldom leaves any residual memories or after-feelings. You may have experienced SCP-XXX in your past and had it contained by us. You do not want to know whether you experienced it or not, or with whom; it would go against procedure and alter your normal psychological development for your troubles.

And yes, most of those eighty-five implicated people became aware of SCP-XXX eventually decided to investigate about anomalies and ended up working for the Foundation as a consequence. They all willingly took C91-9 because they know better than to be so deeply involved, so caring about an anomaly, no matter how intimate. We must be detached. We must be objective.

Until the Fivers consider this sufficiently uncontainable to accept it as normal, anyways.

If you experienced it, report it. If you do not know, do not mention it. Do not let an anomaly define your lives. That is all.

- Dr. Calibax, Medical and Research Departments (Area-08-B).

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