January 7, 1901
The Foundation is established.

The Insurgency is created, a group of special operations composed of loyal agents of the Mobile Task Force Alpha-1 (Red Right Hand).

June 19, 1914
O5-11, O5-12, O5-7 and O5-4 drop out of their positions in The O5 Council in a synchronized strategy to release a large number of humanoid SCPs as well as take away other anomalous artifacts. Later they would form the Delta Command of the Chaos Insurgency.

End of the Civil War of the Foundation.

J.V. Stalin founds the Commission of the Fourth Department of Abnormal Occurrences, presedent of the GRU Division P.

The Seventh Occult War begins.

The Broken God is stopped in La Paz, Mexico, by the Allied Occult Initiative. The pieces of God are contained by the Foundation.

The Foundation and the Allied Occult Initiative come together in an effort to recover the Lance of Longinos from the Obskuracorps.

The Obskuracorps is dissolved by direct orders of Adolf Hitler.

The Foundation officially recognizes the existence of the Chaos Insurgency.

J. Edgar Hoover creates the Unusual Incidents Unit.

Death of all members of the Alpha 1001 Attack Team of the Global Occult Coalition during the Mc-Carthy-Truman UFO Scandal, in an attempt to stop an attack by the Nazis Ahnenerbe with stolen paratechnology created by the United States government.

First sighting of Nobody in the Foundation.

The Horizon Initiative is officially formed.

January 8, 1962
The Bowe Commission is established. The purpose of the program is the militarization of anomalous objects and entities.

The Manna Charity Foundation is created.

Upon the arrival of digital technology, the Technical Intelligence Department begins the creation of automatic agents for the Foundation.

Under a decree the Supreme Leader Khomeini founds the Office for the Reclamation of Islamic Artifacts.

The Division for the Application of Artificial Intelligence (AIDA) is founded as a branch of the Department of Technical Intelligence, its first task being the use of reverse engineering to decipher the code of SCP-079 (Old A.I.).

The Bowe Commission approaches the Foundation with a cooperation offer.

The Foundation establishes the Mobile Task Force Omega-7 (Pandora Box).

The GRU Division P is dismantled.

July 14, 1994
Vincent Anderson and Albert "Phineas" Frostman form Anderson Robótics.

Laboratories Prometheus dissolves.

A containment breach of multiple SCPs is caused at the Foundation's Site-19 when Dr. Clef attempts to assassinate SCP-239 (Witch Child).

The O5 Council gives Dr. Clef an opportunity to return to his job if he succeeds in the successful elimination of SCP-513-D (Dreamer) a reality bender.

In attempting to eliminate SCP-082-ARC (Duke), Dr. Kondraki causes the largest containment breach on Foundation's Site-19.

November 17, 2005
Daniel Navarro, anartist of Are We Cool Yet becomes double agent of the Foundation.

Dr. Dantensen falsifies several records and releases a large number of Female Humanoids SCPs including SCP-105 (Iris). All SCPs are recovered and Dantensen is executed.

The Zero Incident occurs. A researcher of the Foundation, Dr. Null, in his attempt to recreate Bloom's anomaly, which protects SCP-2000 (Deus Ex Machina) from faults in reality, causes a gap in reality that ends with the release of a plague of Nanomachines of another dimension.

Agent Andrew Adams of the Mobile Task Force Omega-7 is killed in action during an attempt to contain the anomalies released by the reality failure. Agent Andrew's body is infected with the Nanomachines and during a crossover experiment with SCP-212 (The Improver) Andrew is resurrected as a biomechanical humanoid and is classified SCP-784-ARC (Post-Human Brain).

After the apparent death of Agent Andrew Adams and Agent Beatrix Maddox, the departure of Iris and the massacre committed by Abel to his own team, the Mobile Task Force Omega-7 is dissolved.

Deputy Director Valentine convinces SCP-784-ARC to be part of Mobile Task Force Delta-9 (Feynman's Madness). After he changed his body for Valentine's, Andrew flees with Beatrix Maddox, who was paralyzed in a secret installation of the Foundation. Later they are assassinated by Dr. Clef and The Móvil Task Force Alpha-1 (Red Right Hand).

The Foundation breaks ties with the Bowe Commission.

Dr. Kondraki is killed by Dr. Gears for orders of the O5 Council.

The humanoid android HatBot is developed by the Agency for the Application of Artificial Intelligence. Then, in what would later be known as the HatBot Incident, the android attempts to harm the staff of the Foundation, specifically Dr. Everett Mann, which causes substantial damage to the AIDA laboratory and Site-19 in general.

August 10, 2007
Dr. Lament discovers the true objective of the Chaos Insurgency around SCP-884 (The Mirror).

November 29, 2008
Kain Pathos Crow initiates the Olimpia Project, in which it uses several SCPs, including SCP-914 (The Machinery) and SCP-158 (Souls Extractor). The goal is the creation of an Androids army that serves the purposes of The Foundation. The project is subsequently canceled due to the risks involved in its use.

AIDA creates Alexandra, the only artificial intelligence Gen IX.

March 1,2011
O5-9 ("Misfortune") is relieved from his post by Council O5 after his attempt to replicate the qualities of SCP-963 (Immortality) itself.

April 9, 2011
O5-10 ("The Stone") starts the M03-Glory Procedure in which he tries to use SCP-003 (Biological Motherboard) to destroy the world. The incident is stopped and O5-10 is removed from his post and executed.

The evaluations of SCP-2000 confirm its multiple failures, making the Deus Ex Machina Protocol ineffective.

A non-aggression pact is signed between the Foundation, the Global Occult Coalition and the Horizon Initiative.

At the end of the year, many of the Foundation's staff are assigned to other work areas. Dr. Gears is reassigned from his responsibilities as a health care researcher to Site-19 staff. Subsequently, Dimitri Strelnikov withdrew as Internal Director of the Site-19.

February 8-9, 2013
The Fashion Valley rises in arms against the Delta Command. The Haos Doctrine becomes the official ideology of the Chaos Insurgency.

The artificial intelligence Alexandra saves Site-17 from a massive humanoid breach.

February 12, 2014
Chelsea Elliott and three other researchers discover SCP-2108 (Other Sun) and become instances of SCP-2108-B.

July 2014
A corrupt Portal emerges with a Never Was and initiates the End of the World. The Serpent Hand, the Black Queen and SCP-239 cooperate to stop the entity culminating in a battle at Site-17 of the Foundation.

March 14, 2015
An unknown group of raiders causes a breach at Site-19. Iris eliminates the assailants.

March 15-16, 2015
The Project Resurrection begins with the creation of the Mobile Task Force Alpha-9 (The Last Hope).

March 17, 2015
O5-9 convinces Dr. Clef to start a contingency group to monitor the new mobile Task force. Clef creates the Mobile Task Force Lambada-2 (No Name Entered) and recruits Andrea S. Adams.

March 22-31, 2015
Dr. Light is assigned as Commander of Alpha-9. Kain Pathos Crow is assigned as Alfa-9 technician. O5-10 convinces Iris to join the team. Subsequently, other members of the Foundation join, including Chelsea Elliott.

April 3, 2015
Iris and Adams go out to celebrate in the city and have a meeting with agents of the Global Occult Coalition, confirming that the Foundation has reactivated its assault unit.

April 4-6, 2015
Clef helps Adams train with the new suit that Kain Pathos has built for her.

April 26, 2015
The O5 Council votes and the Móbile Task Force Alpha-9 is approved.

May 3, 2015
A strain of SCP-008 (Zombie Plague) is released at a Marshall, Carter and Dark Ltd. residence. The Foundation is contacted and the Mobile Task Force Alpha-9 in the company of Mobile Task Force Lambada-2 is sent to contain the threat.

The Mobile Task Force Kappa-10 (Skynet) is sent to stop the fugitive artificial intelligence known as HatBot.

Febraury 12, 2016
The Móbile Task Force Alpha-9 leaves for its first official mission, which consists in stopping a reality bender.

November 15, 2018
The direct confrontation takes place between Agent Sasha Merlo, leader of Mobile Task Force Gamma-13 (Asimov Breakers) and Víncent Anderson, founder of Anderson Robótics.

May 24, 2024
Assistant Director Sasha Merlo, Mobile Task Force Gamma-13 along with other special teams of the Foundation and agents of the Unusual Incident Unit conduct a massive raid on the Anderson Robotics HQ in the Three Portlands, which results in the end of Anderson Robótics.

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